Thank you Bob Miller and Jacquie Miller for coming to evaluate my mom tonight for the NuWynd (Sit to Stand transfer). I think this will be great for her to transfer from her wheelchair to her bed, as well as any transfer situations.

Teresa, Ocala, Florida

Greater Mobility, Inc. has gotten so much support from the Ocala/Marion County Chamber and Economic Partnership (CEP). Here is Jacquie to tell you about it:

The NuWynd helped me to get in and out of bed, by giving me the support to sit up, stand, and to be able to pivot once standing. I am now able to straighten my stance, and I have gained strength in my back. Before using the NuWynd, it used to take me up to five times to attempt to get up, and now it only takes one or two. I almost fell to the floor once, but I was able to use the bar to push on, and pull my self back up. I feel safe now, and do not worry about falling, because I have the support of the NuWynd. I can also stand up and hold on to the bars and stretch. I had not done that in ages. Having the NuWynd has increased my confidence, so I move my body more.

Dee Sears, R.N.

“We are using a NuWynd Sit to Stand/Self Transfer in our home, and we are satisfied customers.”

            Joe and Ann Berger                     On Top of the World, Ocala, Florida

Thank you Jacquie. Your generosity is immeasurable. Just know that your creation, the NuWynd transfer device, had a very positive impact. It made my mom's last days as a hospice patient, more independent, which was very important to her.

I liked the fact that it is open to walk through which made it easier for her to get up from the toilet and walk through to her walker.

Thank you again.

Julia Roderick, RN, Coweta, OK

“My mother was an active, vibrant 91 year old. She was preparing to  go enjoy a meal at IHOP on the day that she died.

She was independent up until that day, but had recently starting utilizing a walker at times, for added stability and security while walking. I had noticed that she pushed against the walker sometimes to aid herself in raising up from a sitting to a standing position. We had discussed this, and I had cautioned her that the walker was not intended for that purpose, but she did not understand the risks.

On the day that she chose to use the walker to get up out of her chair, the triangular walker was still in a partially open position, and was not engaged in the full open and locked position. She pushed on it to get up, and when it moved, she fell onto the floor, hitting her head on one of the wheels. No one would have guessed that the fall would be serious. She was still planning on going out to eat, but wasn’t feeling well, after using an ice pack on her head. After a trip
to an Urgent Care center was taking too long to receive an examination, she was transported to a local hospital. Her neurological status changed dramatically during the brief transport to the
hospital. She was no longer able to walk, and was confused. ER staff immediately ordered a scan of her head, which revealed one of the largest arterial bleeds that the doctor on duty had ever seen. He said she had hours to live. He was correct….my mother died 32 hours later.

When I heard about the “NuWynd” sit to stand aid, I was pleased that there is a new product on the market that can help those, like my mother, gain increased independence, and potentially prevent injuries, and save lives.”

Bruce Fishalow, Executive Director, Humane Society of Marion County


“OMG! The NuWynd has been a miracle for me. My life was such a struggle, and I was practically bedridden before I received the NuWynd Sit to Stand Self Transfer device. I keep it at my bedside in order to get up safely”.

Peggy Fountain, Louisville, Kentucky

"I just needed “something to hold on to” when getting up from the sofa and out of bed the first week after I had shoulder surgry.   The NuWynd prototype worked great! I struggled getting up off of the sofa/recliner until my husband brought the NuWynd in for me to use." — Jacquie

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