The NuWynd bridges the gap between traditional walkers and sit to stand devices.  It is designed to enable the patient and reduce caregiver injuries.

Alejandro Garcia, M.D.
General Surgery, Trauma Services

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How much is avoiding a fall, caregiver injury or workers comp claim worth?

  • $100?
  • $1,000?
  • $10,000?
  • ​Priceless?

5 Uses in 1 Device! - Watch Videos

  • Sit to Stand
  • Self Transfer
  • Short Distance Walker
  • Physical Therapy Device
  • ​Fall Recovery

As a registered nurse, I watched patients struggle to get up for 30 years

so now, I introduce the NuWynd:

​INVENTED by a nurse and DESIGNED by an engineer

Introducing Greater Mobility's NuWynd Mobility  Solution.

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NuWynd is a registered trademark of Greater Mobility, Inc.  NuWynd ST is patent pending.

“My patients don’t need help to walk, they need a means to get up”. I observed my patient using the NuWynd to get up without assistance. 

5 Uses in 1 Device! - Watch Video

​​​NuWynd by Greater Mobility, Inc. is an alternative  sit-to-stand self-transfer device that, when used properly, not only enables users to increase independence, improve balance, and speed up recovery times from injury or illness, but that can also can reduce caregiver injuries.

  • Sturdy and stable construction allows users to manage their own basic daily activities like getting safely to walker, wheelchair or bedside toilet. No more relying on unstable walkers or canes to assist with standing!
  • Remarkable  design allows device to lay flat for storage or to fit comfortably by chair or bedside.
  • Spring-loaded wheels make it easy to take the NuWynd from room-to-room or compress without fiddling with a brake. 
  • Base plate that compresses to the floor allows ease of use without fear of tripping or falling.       

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​​Each year MILLIONS of people are treated in emergency rooms because of falls. Greater Mobility's NuWynd mobility solution reduces falls and caregiver injuries. ​

Now there's a safe and convenient alternative to help reduce falls and caregiver injuries.
Introducing the NuWynd Sit-to-Stand Self-Transfer Device